The Snake, a gripping thriller

tahar rahim snake

Netflix has released a few days ago a brand new mini-series in co-production with the BBC, the Snake. British film supported by Netflix, it has nothing to envy the big Hollywood productions with an interesting cast, but also a script and a post-prod of first choice.

The pitch

Le Serpent is the name of a gemstone dealer. In reality, he is only a merchant in name... He is rather a trafficker who sells unethical stones at a very competitive price. Sapphire, rubies, emeralds, diamonds, he has everything. And it is not without reminding the film Blood Diamond of Leonardo Di Caprio.

He lives his life in Asia and enjoys the sun, the beach, organizes sumptuous parties and invites tourists from time to time.

And as we all know, snakes often change their skin. What he also does by assuming new identities taken from his victims. Just like Charles Sobhraj, from whom the series is inspired.

Do we watch or do we zap?

The mini-series is clearly built not to have a sequel, a bit like the Queen's game. One could therefore be disappointed, even if the end does not really call for another denouement.

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We also appreciate the fact that the story is based on a true story, that of Charles Sobhraj who really scoured Southeast Asia.

Finally, Netflix proves once again that it can compete with major studios, even if here the film is co-produced by BBC One. The cast is interesting, even if it has no actor's name to put forward. We still find Tahar Rahim in the role of the serial killer. An actor who has already been seen in many films in recent years and is beginning to make a name for himself with his acting.