The Silent Sea, Korea in space

the silent sea

After the success of Squid Game and the amazing HellboundNetflix delivers this time a space thriller: The Silent Sea. For us, the Silent Sea is the Sea of Tranquility, formed by an asteroid impact on the visible side of the Moon. It is also where the Ranger 8 probe crashed in 1965, where Surveyor 5 landed in 1967, and where the Apollo 11 lunar module landed in 1969. In short, it only remained to put it in the honor with a film!

The synopsis plunges us into a near future where humanity is plagued by a water shortage. It is in this context that a team is recruited to go to a secret lunar base. There, they find certain objects that they are supposed to bring back to Earth. Only one scientist wonders about the real purpose of this mission.

At first sight, the scenario is not extraordinary. There are triggering elements like in Doom or Solaris. The fact that everything goes wrong at the beginning of the mission is not surprising. On the other hand, the special effects and the atmosphere are real gems. This must be emphasized. For that alone, the film is worth seeing.

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The series is defined as a thriller. And, coming from Korea, be prepared to get your money's worth.

At the end of the 8 episodes, the heavy secret of this lunar base is offered to the viewer. But this does not prevent us from imagining a second season of this series!