The Umbrella Academy season 3: release date

the umbrella academy season 3

Netflix had announced the renewal of the series The Umbrella Academy for a third season following the enthusiastic reception of season 2. The most dysfunctional of superhero families will therefore return. But not yet...

It will be necessary to wait a little before finding the siblings who live a thousand incredible adventures. For those who don't remember much, season 1 ended with the annihilation of the planet. A wormhole had allowed them to escape from that by sending them back in the past (but not at the same moment of the past). After many adventures, they managed to return to the present to avoid the coming catastrophe. The cliffhanger ended with the Umbrella Academy meeting alter egos, which were not planned in the program... An unbearable suspense that we thought would be quickly appeased by the announcement of a season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. But the wait was long...

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy is overdue

Indeed, Netflix has not yet planned any release date. According to projections, it should only arrive in 2022. Probably March or April. That is 18 months after the season 2 of The Umbrella Academy. This delay, longer than usual would be attributed to the pandemic and the shooting conditions. However, this has not prevented other series to arrive faster on the platform, such as Who killed Sara? or even Cobra Kaiseason 4.

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That said, Netflix may have been delaying the release to give some breathing room to its other superhero series, Jupiter's Legacy. This one having made a flop, Netflix will have to review its plans. In the meantime, other information will perhaps be distilled during the Geeked Week to come.