Is the Vampire Diaries series available on Netflix?

vampire diaries

It's been more than ten years since Vampire Diaries was first released. The CW produced it, just like they produced The 100 and Westworld. And very quickly, this series that has surfed somewhat on the phenomenon Twilight was successful.

What is the story?

Vampire Diaries is the story of a teenage girl who meets vampires. Yes, it's true. It is slightly similar to the scenario of Twilight. The girl is called Elena Gilbert. 17 years old and an orphan just like her brother Jeremy. Four months ago, their parents died in a car accident. Since then, they live with their aunt, Jenna Sommers. In fact, they are going back to high school in the town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. The town seems to hold some mysteries, with a sometimes heavy atmosphere, and seems to have some secrets...

Fortunately, she has two friends, Bonnie and Caroline, to support her, as well as a journal in which she writes about her life.

At the beginning of the new school year, she meets a new high school student, Stefan Salvatore. Beautiful, mysterious, she falls for him. And at the same time, she meets his brother Damon. Very quickly, she discovers that they are vampires, which turns her world upside down and makes her live many adventures.

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Many, because the series has no less than 8 seasons, the last of which ended in 2017! A season where they will face, their worst enemies, including the Devil himself as well as Katherine Pierce, returned from the Underworld to take revenge on the two brothers she had already turned into vampires.

Vampire Diaries, the horror series of The CW does not appear in the Netflix catalog

The series was very well received at the time. The numerous nominations and awards it has received over the years are proof of this. Awards well deserved thanks to a well crafted scenario and an outstanding acting.

This has even allowed The CW to consider spin-off series. Like what was done for Grey's Anatomy, and what is in the works for 100. Thus, two spin-offs were born, The Originals and Legacy. The first is based on the Originals, including the character Klaus Mikaelson. The second focuses on future events in relation to the mother series.

Vampire Diaries, available on Netflix?

The American series could not have known any other future than to end up on a streaming platform. The audiences were very strong at the time, allowing The CW to market the broadcast rights.

It's Amazon Prime Video that has landed them and can boast of having this horror series in its catalog. And there is no question of giving them up. At least in France, because Netflix has the rights for other geographical areas.