The Walking Dead season 11 is coming to Netflix

The Walking Dead

Among the mythical series of these last years, we can undoubtedly mention The Walking Dead. It has put zombies back in the spotlight while maintaining a good suspense and managing to reinvent itself throughout the seasons.

So Netflix is welcoming with great fanfare the last 24 episodes of the series sometime in July. July 23, 2022 to be exact.

Fans will be able to immerse themselves in the post-apocalyptic universe of the series for a few evenings. We don't really need to introduce the story anymore since most of us know it.

But what must be emphasized about this release is that it is the last season of the series. It did not, indeed, have a renewal. This season, these 24 episodes, mark the end of an era, as it was the case for the last season of Lost. We do not doubt either that the writers were able to give us an end worthy of the series. Even if it is already known since the dissemination original one year ago, some people still haven't seen it... It might be, also, the opportunity for some to start the series!

If the title is indeed on the list of July releases, Netflix has not indicated if all the episodes would be released at once or if the season would be cut in two. Given the number of episodes, it is not impossible to see the season released in two parts. Final suspense!

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