The Witcher season 2, what we know

the witcher season 2

Netflix had decided some time ago to adapt the successful video game The Witcher on the small screen. In the main role, Henry Cavill who plays the wizard Geralt. Season 1 was relatively well received by critics. Especially since they were waiting to criticize a bad realization or a poor adaptation. But it was not the case, despite a complicated scenario. The second season was to be released, but it was slowed down by the health crisis. However, there is no doubt that this season 2 The Witcher should arrive in 2021.

However, to our regret, Netflix has not announced any official release date on Twitter or on its Facebook account. But as expressed just before, it should be available by the end of 2021.

Henry Cavill to reprise his role as the Witcher in Season 2 of The WItcher

To base this prediction, we must take into account the beginning of the shooting. This one began on August 17, 2020. As announced in the form of a ballad written by Jaskier. More than 10 months after the beginning of the shooting, the images must therefore be in the box and in post-production.

In this second season, the focus should be on the invasion of Nilfgaard and the fall of Cintra. And not on the story of the sorcerer himself, since he finally found Ciri. A relationship that will also surely be deepened... Just like the fate of the magician Yennefer.

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