Uncoupled : the opinion of the Internet users


A few weeks ago a brand new comedy series was released on Netflix. Its name: Uncoupled. For headliner, the series called Neil Patrick Harris.

This marked the big return of Alias Barney Stinson on the screens and offered him a well-deserved first role in a composition role. Here he played a gay 40-year-old living in New York who is dumped by his husband.

Uncoupled, or how to get over a breakup by NP Harris

After 17 years of married life, it is not so easy to get back into the skin of a single person. Especially since this separation was a total surprise. The first season therefore focuses on this shock followed by the climb back up the slope of disappointment. Sometimes sad, often funny, with a tone always light, the series convinced its target audience.

But did enough subscribers watch it? And did they enjoy the episodes enough to want a second season? Subscribers' opinions seem to be quite unanimous...

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