Valeria, popular romantic series this summer

valeria season 1

Valeria is a new Netflix series that comes to us from the Iberian Peninsula. We do not change the recipes that work since this series uses all the ingredients that make the success of romantic series.

We find a group of girlfriends. They have their crushes, their Q plans, meet and discuss their problems. Yes, it looks like Sex and the City. It also looks like a lot of other series of the same style. But it comes from Spain, it has a little taste of exotic and we appreciate it!

In the group of women, there is one that stands out, it is Valeria (hence the name of the series) played by Diana Gomez. If her face doesn't look familiar, it's normal. Since she appears in La Casa de Papel in the role of the wife of Berlin. Her job is a writer. Except that she has the syndrome of the blank page, a little too often. To her misfortune is added that of her marital problems. Fortunately, her girlfriends are there to cheer her up and help her to overcome the ordeals with stories that are a little hot.

For the moment, only the 8 episodes of season 1 are available. But let's be reassured, Netflix has announced from the beginning the production of a second season. So there is no suspense around this series, except perhaps the release date of the next episodes. Netflix will be able to announce it to us in due time.

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