Vikings Valhalla : The opinion of Internet users

At the end of February, Vikings was back on Netflix with a spin-off. We've already talked a lot about what the series would offer to reinvent itself and that's not the question today.

Indeed, what interests us most is the reception that the public has given to the series.

It must be said that taking up the torch where Ivar and his brothers had left it is not an easy task!

However, the script, the direction, the acting seemed to be up to the level in the trailer. Of course, the casting did not give room to big names, but it was an opportunity to discover new talents and why not to launch careers. This was, for example, the case for Alexander Ludwig that the role of Bjorn has propelled to the top of the posters. Even if sometimes he would have done better not to sign (Christmas Drop, for example).

Without further ado, let's discover the comments left by the first Netlfix subscribers (who have surely already finished everything :

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