Virgin River, season 3 release date

season 3 vrigin river

According to the rumor, Netflix should release soon the season 3 of Virgin River. Yes, should... Because the announcement was made by Netflix via its networks, but since the info has been deleted. We suspect that this is not the kind of announcement that is made lightly, so could it be a mix-up by the CM, too eager to announce Geeked Week?

The date initially announced is very close since it is July 09, 2021. We will be able to spend the first days of the vacations to follow the evolution of the relationships of the various protagonists, including Mel and Jack. The latter are inspired by the work of Robyn Carr.

Nevertheless, the announcement makes fans of the series happy. Especially since the end of season 2 called de facto for a season 3. The questions left unanswered could not be answered otherwise. We will be satisfied to see the denouement of season 2.

Season 3 should also deepen the relationship of another couple. The one formed by Ricky and Lizzie. We remember, the two lovebirds got closer to each other during season 2 until they got together. Lizzie's aunt Connie couldn't do anything about it, despite her total disagreement. Again, season 3 should have some surprises in store for us...

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