WandaVision, towards a second season?

wandavision disney+

Season 1 has just ended and fans are already wondering if a season 2 will be produced. And the reason why this question is coming up so quickly is because the series was very well received and the audience was there.

Unfortunately, the series will not see a season 2 and the story stops where the final episode aired on March 05 left it. The little hope left seems to be confirmed when we look at the title of this last episode: "The series finale", which thus puts an end to the series.

WandaVision ends after one season

However, as Kevin Feidge, director of cinematography at Disney's Marvel department, points out, the Marvel universe is rich in twists and turns. We do not rule out finding the heroes of the series in a spin-off or in another series. This is not without reminding what Netflix did with its Originals linked to DC Comics (Luke Cage, DareDevil, Jessica Jones). The universes were intertwined and finally led to a common series. It is therefore not impossible for Wanda Maximoff and Wanda Vision to see themselves propelled in another series to come.

For those who would like to console themselves with the mini-series' demise, there is a solution. Disney+ will launch a documentary on WandaVision soon on its SVOD platform. Indeed, as with Mandalorian, WandaVision is getting a bonus doc which takes fans behind the scenes of the shooting. We discover a little more about the series and the MCU universe with some anecdotes, but also announcements of what will be released soon.

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