When you reveal your true face

His Real Face

When you live with people, you think you know them. That's what we all tell ourselves. And that's the feeling this breathless thriller from the producers of The Undoing and Big Little Lies plays on. The script is based on a literary work, as it often is, in this case the novel by Karin Slaughter. The production takes the form of a mini-series of 8 episodes.

In this series, we go to Georgia. A rural American state known for its southern past and the segregation of the last century. However, this is not what the thriller is about. But rather on a harmless fact, at least in the United States, a deadly shooting. This one takes place in a restaurant located in a small peaceful town. It is in this setting that Andrea sees her mother shoot in cold blood the one who was threatening her. On second thought, it seems that her mother is not who she claims to be. What's more, when old acquaintances reappear in the mother's life. All this is a bit reminiscent of the series Serving the pastreleased a few weeks ago on Netflix... Although here, suspense is a major element of the production.

Among the actors called by the production, we find Bella Heathcote and Toni Collette, already known for other roles on the platform. But also David Wenham, Joe Dempsie, Jessica Barden, Omari Hardwick.

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To finish convincing you, you should know that the script, although based on a literary work, was adapted by Charlotte Stoudt, who created House of Cards!