Workin Moms will return for a season 6 (and very soon)

Workin Moms

Who doesn't know Workin Moms yet? You, perhaps who reads these lines. However, there are already 5 seasons! So much time to catch up before the release of season 6 on May 10, 2022!

Workin Moms is the story of several working mothers. It's all in the title! In the course of the episodes, they tell about their daily problems with the kids, big and small. But also their family. Between unfaithful husbands, fantasies and weariness of the couple, everything is not always rosy. But Kate, Frankie, Jenny and Anne stick together and also regularly raise it over a bottle of wine. Which reminds us, a little, of Sex and the City, of which a new adaptation exists.

If the first seasons were tasty, the last two suffered from a slowdown. It was difficult to keep renewing itself and to keep inventing new situations. We had the impression that some of the stories were a bit out of place or simply that they had been transposed. We hope to have a new impetus in the upcoming season 6 of Workin Moms. We should not be disappointed though, as the humorous / satirical tone always hits the spot!

In these new episodes - 13 in total - these Canadian women will once again try to overcome the year by facing their different goals: family, work, love.

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