Young Royals season 2 : the opinion of Internet users

Young Royals season 2

A few weeks ago, Netflix dropped the episodes on its platform and let its subscribers access the brand new episodes of the series Young Royals.

The privileges of the court and the pomp of royalty are beautiful from the outside. But from the inside, it is often a stifling atmosphere. This is also how Wilhelm feels... He loves his new royal duties. He wants to live up to it. But is the title of Crown Prince, which he did nothing to obtain (it is acquired by birth), really a gift? Or is it rather a burden? For the duties of the office sometimes, and even often, oblige him to make choices. Choices that go, as one would expect, against what his heart dictates...

Young Royals season 2

After several weeks in the catalog, and some time spent among the most viewed titles on Netflix, it's time to count down and look at what the public thinks:

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